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Ta-dahhh…new CFLEX TV video clip has arrived!

Facts and figures in a new Constantia Flexibles film clip


Did you know…that Constantia Flexibles produces over 250 billion labels annually and produces more than 4.5 billion chips bags every year.  All put together they would cover the size of Vienna. Constantia Flexibles also produces every 3rd contact lens packaging on the globe – which means there is a high chance that you are wearing contact lenses that were packaged by us!

Please have a look at our latest CFLEX TV Video clip that was filmed at our sites Constantia Hueck and Haendler&Naterman in Germany and at Constantia Patz in Austria. And - of course – at our Headquarters in Vienna. Over 180 seconds of facts and figures about “PEOPLE, PASSION, PACKAGING”!

Please click here: to watch the video clip!