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Perfect packaging solutions for South Africa

Constantia Flexibles showcased portfolio of flexible packaging solutions at Nestlé supplier event in South Africa

Nestlé South Africa is a growing business – currently some 4,000 employees work for the multinational in South Africa, producing goods like infant nutrition, dairy, confectionery, pet care and other food and beverages. For years Constantia Flexibles has been supplying Nestlé with flexible packaging and also labels, now Constantia was invited to showcase their innovative packaging products at a supplier event with a focus on technical aspects along with 8 other companies.

The geographical focus was on South Africa, so all important Nestlé managers attended the event during the day, besides the CEO of Nestlé South Africa, the marketing department, brand management, procurement and the technical departments attended. Constantia Flexibles was exhibiting in a dedicated room and showcased products that had been developed for Nestlé on a global level – also including the products that now are supplied out of Constantia Afripack in South Africa. In addition to the product showcase there were also technical presentations, for example delivered by Igor Cerri, Maria Angeles Llorente and Tyrone Voller, Product Managers for Nestlé at Constantia Flexibles.

Innovation was an integral part of the supplier event so Constantia Flexibles presented clever packaging solutions, all developed around future megatrends such as urbanization and brand protection. Products included developments like rigid packaging to flexible pouch packaging, convenience solutions with easy opening and reclosability features, counterfeiting solutions with hidden features and special effects like holograms and promotional stickers. On the labels side, innovative solutions such as thermochromic labels were showcased.

Nicholas John, VP Sales Subsaharan Africa at Constantia Flexibles: “We were very happy to have the opportunity to showcase our global solutions for Nestlé when it comes to clever packaging solutions. Especially South Africa is a country were a lot will be happening on the food and beverage sector in the next couple of years – we will be there to supply Nestlé with the perfect solutions for the challenges that the megatrends like urbanization, brand protection and sustainability will demand from packaging. Nestlé can count on us!”

Contact: Igor Cerri