CONSTANTIA Child Resistant

Lidding Foil for child resistant blister.

Wide choice of standard products achieving global CR legal requirements.


  • Global CR legal requirements covered
  • Perfect balance between safety and accessibility
  • Total barrier to moisture, oxygen and light combined with the appropriate bottom material
  • Equal production parameters as standard Blister Lidding foil and sealable to PVC, PVdC, PP, PET, Aclar, COC and Coldform Foil
  • Tailored CR solutions are possible
  • Excellent suitability for in-line printing systems


A particular Constantia Flexibles Child Resistant Peel-Push specification – peelable due to moisture impact – a Child Resistant F1 solution. 


For the opening systems:
peel-push, peelable, bend & tear, push through


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Animation CONSTANTIA Child Resistant Peel


Animation CONSTANTIA Child Resistant Peel-Push